We PRAY for Mercy & Grace and a Cure for #COVIDー19


Mercy & Grace 

The Church

Our President

United States Congress

All Elected Officials

Cure for #COVIDー19 

Test Kits

Doctors, Nurses, Health Practitioners and Everyone in the Medical Field

First Responders and Emergency Medical Staff

The Sick & Dying 

Families Grieving For The Loss of a Loved One 

Families Experiencing Hardships At This Time

Families, Loved Ones, Our Youth, Teens, Children and Infants

Revival & Strength in the Church 

World Repentance 

For The Spiritually Lost & Unsaved

For the Gospel To Be Shared Among The Nations 

God's Will on Earth 

The Rapture to Come Soon 

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"For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.”

Giving your tithes & offerings, you are joining with us to make an impact in the city of Los Angeles

Your donation will help us purchase Bibles and reach those who desperately need to hear the gospel in the City of Los Angles. We have been appointed by God to fulfill His Great Commission.


We are centrally located in the Heart of Downtown Los Angeles and your contributions will enable us to reach the lost and hurting in this city who have not heard of Jesus. They have not yet heard about God's Grace, Love, Mercy and Forgiveness. 

Your gift of $25.00 will buy 10 Bibles, $50.00 will buy 20 Bibles, your $100 gift will buy 40 Bibles. Who is receiving these bibles in Downtown Los Angeles? Lost individuals, families, teens, kids and the homeless. 

They are asking for Bibles.  Will you help us? We must share the gospel of Jesus Christ through the word of God. These Bibles will save a lost and hurting soul.

We cannot reach them without your help. Your donations go to reaching the people of the City of Los Angeles with the message of hope, love and truth of Jesus Christ. Will you help us today spread the gospel? 

Your gift helps equip us with the resources to fulfill our mission of reaching the world with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

We need donations for the following:


  • Bibles For LA
  • 99.5 FM KKLA Radio Broadcast
  • Skidrow Outreach
  • LA's Homeless Feed & Clothe
  • Downtown LA Farmer's Market Outreach
  • Jr High & High School Outreach Concert
  • World Missions

Thank you greatly in advance for investing in the Kingdom of God and helping us reach the lost souls of our generation through your generosity and giving. 

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